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Stille Nacht Collection – Videos

Hier sind alle bisher gesammelten Videos des Liedes “Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!” aufgelistet. Wahlweise kann nach Sprache oder Stil gesucht werden.

Stille Nacht Noche de Paz en Español

von Malú G. Olego am 08.12.2015

Sprache: Spanish/Spanisch

Stil: Acapella

I sing a capella version with a short introduction with Glockenspiel before the beginning of each verse. It is a homemade video in which we have introduced collected images online for free use in the background. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Christmas everybody!

Noche de Paz- Arroro

von The Blue Notes´ Guys am 27.11.2015

Sprache: Spanish/Spanisch

Stil: Acapella

We are The Blue Notes´ Guys and this year we present a spanish version of the song, arranged by Alberto Brazuelo (the bass of the group). During the piece you will also hear the Canarian Song "Arroyo", so the both melodies sound together. We hope you´ll enjoy it! Greetings from Las Palmas!
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