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Silent Night Collection – Videos

Here you find all videos of "Silent Nigth! Holy Night!" we have already collected. Choose either the language or the style, you are interested in.

Stille Nacht all over the world

by SereNora on 11.12.2016

Language: Chinese (Simplified)/Chinesisch,Dutch/Niederländisch,Instrumental/Instrumental

Style: World

Ensemble: SereNora Serena Zhang (13 J.): Trompete + chinesisch gesungen Nora Mauser (11 J.): Posaune + niederländisch gesungen Lilly Zhang-Sowa: Klavier und Arrangement 1. Strophe: Trompete Melodie / Posaune 2. Stimme / Klavier 2. Strophe: chinesisch gesungen + Klavier 3. Strophe: niederländisch gesungen + Klavier 4. Strophe: Posaune Melodie / Trompete 2. Stimme / Klavier

Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht - Jugendchor Aufdraht

by Jugendchor Aufdraht on 14.12.2015

Language: English/Englisch

Style: Classic

Es zeigt uns in unserem Proberaum mit Teelichtern. Das Solo singt Romana Huber, mit der Gitarre spielt unsere Chorleiterin Bernadette Ober und mit der Querflöte begleitet uns Manuela Huber.

Stille Nacht Noche de Paz en Español

by Malú G. Olego on 08.12.2015

Language: Spanish/Spanisch

Style: Acapella

I sing a capella version with a short introduction with Glockenspiel before the beginning of each verse. It is a homemade video in which we have introduced collected images online for free use in the background. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Christmas everybody!

Noche de Paz- Arroro

by The Blue Notes´ Guys on 27.11.2015

Language: Spanish/Spanisch

Style: Acapella

We are The Blue Notes´ Guys and this year we present a spanish version of the song, arranged by Alberto Brazuelo (the bass of the group). During the piece you will also hear the Canarian Song "Arroyo", so the both melodies sound together. We hope you´ll enjoy it! Greetings from Las Palmas!

Malam Kudus - Dalu Suci

by SMI Alam Sutera on 08.12.2014

Language: Javanese/Javanisch

Style: Experimental

Sekolah Musik Indonesia (SMI) Alam Sutera presents "Malam Kudus" in Indonesian & "Dalu Suci" in Javanese for Silent Night Song Contest by Stille Nacht Manufaktur. All song is arranged, recorded, shooted at SMI Alam Sutera.
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